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17 vaporwave-funk tracks. No vocals.

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Cover art by @dril


The Best Crudbump Album

14 brand new songs

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Cover art by Will Laren

The Best
Crudbump Album

Previous Crudbump albums

Download: The
Judas Beats Album

HELL ORBS albums (vocals by Drew)

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"Skeleton Zone"
Download: HELL ORBS
"Pleasure Nexus"

Crudbump/HELL ORBS videos

Download: "Crab Hand (Feat Kool Keith)"

Download: "Ed Zitron"

Download: "Ass Kickings"

Download: HELL ORBS "Arschersetzer"

Download: "I Don't Do Shit"

Download: "Bite That Butt"

Download: "Fuck You If You Don't Like Christmas"

Download: HELL ORBS "Suck Ya Hog"

Download: "NSA"

Download: HELL ORBS "Dick Dimension"

Download: "Beat The Dead Horse"

Download: "Expert Chef"

Download: "The Most Erotic Song Ever"

Tracklist / discography

The Best Crudbump Album (2015)
1. Donny
2. Temple Of Gold
3. Go Outside
4. Full Taco
5. Money In The Bank
6. Ass Kickings
7. Flavor Crystal
8. Race To The Bottom
9. Don't Call Me
10. The Goat
11. I Already
12. Ohio Shape
13. Harrison Bergeron
14. The Best

The Judas Beats Album (2013)
1. Looking Good
2. Don't Like To Read (feat. Roughneck Jihad)
3. King Me
4. Crab Hand (feat. Kool Keith)
5. Eating Rappers (feat. Angel Haze)
6. Clean
7. Human Flesh
8. Illuminati Shit (feat. Angel Haze)
9. Nothing But Meat
10. Grab The Rabbit
11. Ninety Years Old
12. Beat The Dead Horse
13. Fluid
14. Chomp Chomp
15. Listen Man
16. Someone Is Eating My Dreams
  (feat. Rodney Anonymous)
17. When I Die

Real Art (2012)
1. Crudbump AKA
2. White House
3. The Sickest
4. Write Me A Check Out
5. Bigfoot
6. I'm Meaty
7. You Dumb
8. I'm About To Get Shitty
9. Put My Dick On It
10. Chicken Nuggets
11. Go Fuck Yourself
12. Get You What You Want
13. Gimme My Money
14. Bite That Butt
15. Fucked Up Cruise
16. Real Art

1. Take A Number
2. My Dick's On The Phone
3. Girl Take Your Socks Off
4. Bass Machine
5. Horsetown
6. Expert Chef
7. Master Of The Synthesizer
8. Big Balls Phone Calls
10. What's Your Horoscope?
11. I Don't Do Shit
12. England (Last Year)
13. Horsetown Pt. II
14. Subprime Lenders
15. Your Life Is A Hellscape


The Most Erotic Song Ever (2014)

NSA (2013)

Fuck You If You Don't Like Christmas (2010)

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